Ilan Dror

Human Ranger


Age: 20
Level: 4
Fighting Style: Archer
Weapon Expertise: Bow
AC: 19
HP: 46/23
Spd: 6
Init: +7
Str: 12/1
Con: 14/2
Dex: 19/4
Int: 10/0
Wis: 14/2
Cha: 10/0
Fort: 16
Ref: 18
Will: 15
Pass. Insight: 14
Pass. Perception: 19
Weapons: Homing Longbow +2, short sword, longsword, dagger
Armor: Gloaming Leather +1
Trained Skills: Athletics, Dungeoneering, Heal, Nature, Perception, Stealth, Thievery


Ilan Dror grew up in a small farming community in the Barony of Harkenwold. His father was a hunter, trapper, and tanner. Ilan initially learned his skills with a bow and arrow from his father.

Sadly, Ilan was orphaned at 10 when his parents were killed by marauders who had bribed the local authorities to allow them to raid villages and local roads. As a result, Ilan is distrustful of authority figures, especially law enforcement (the local sheriff and his men were conspicuously absent when the raids were going on in the community).

After his parents were killed, Ilan was taken in by his aunt (his father’s sister) to work on a communal farm. He worked hard, but he was well cared for by his relatives. His uncle was also a hunter and trapper, so when Ilan was not working in the fields, he was busy continuing to hone his bow skills with his uncle.

Ilan agreed to be hired on for Traevus’s caravan because he needed the money and heard that Traevus was looking for help protecting the caravan. He was also hoping to run into marauders while guarding the caravan, even if they were not from the same group who killed his family, so he could get a cathartic release by giving the marauders a taste of his arrows.

Ilan is sometimes prone to fits of anger induced by the bad memories he has from his parents’ death. This occasionally clouds his judgment and causes him to do rash things.

Ilan Dror

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