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Welcome to the Heroes of Harkenwold!

The Heroes of Harkenwold is set in the Nentir Vale. The Vale has seen many Empires grow and then crumble to dust. The most recent empires to have risen and fallen are the Arkhosian Empire, ruled by the DragonBorn and the Bael Turath Empire, ruled by the Tieflings after they sold their souls to gain power.

Today, the Vale is a largely unsettled area filled with cities of small to medium size, the largest of which is Fallcrest, the center of trade for the Vale. With the vast history of the Vale there are many ruined castles and even cities that could be explored for gain or to purge of the newer and more dangerous inhabitants.

Into this land have come The Heroes of Harkenwold. A band brought together by chance or by fate to have their mettle tested by the challenges of the Nentir Vale.

Home Page

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