The Heroes of Harkenwold

Gaining the trust of the Woodsingers

The Heroes were tasked with recruiting the Woodsinger Elves to assist the citizens of Harkenwold in beating back the Iron Circle who have so recently taken over the Barony. To gain the Woodsinger’s trust, the Heroes had to take down the Skeletal Mage Yisarn. Yisarn and her minions proved to be a difficult battle, especially due to the pit traps she had cleverly concealed. Her great interest in the Heroes came from the skull that they carried, she even went so far as to than them for bringing it to her.
Having secured the Woodsingers the Heroes began their 3 day trek back to Albridge. Near dawn on their first night of travel they heard rattling sounds converging on their camp. The alarm was raised and soon a group of skeletons came shuffling out of the gloom…



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